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Hi Everyone! My name is Julie Wallace. I’m the owner of Bloom Yoga Fitness Studios, as well as a Certified Life Coach and the Creator of the Bloom Holistic Life Coach Training. My journey as a Life Coach began in 2010, when I received my Coaching Certification through the Fowler Wainright Institute of Professional Coaching. After completing this Training, I went on to continue my education by receiving my New Life Story Certification with Dr. David Kruger, as well as my Health Coaching Certification under the direction of Dr. Jonny Bowden in 2011. I began offering one-on-one Coaching Sessions through my Studio, Bloom Yoga, in 2012 and created several Group Coaching Programs – including the 28 Day RESET.

While my Coaching Certifications provided me with a strong base of knowledge to begin my practice, I learned that traditional Coaching methods did not always address the unique and multi-faceted needs of my clients. I found myself regularly drawing upon my background in Yoga, Meditation, and other Holistic practices during my Coaching Sessions. I noticed great success through these methods, and came to realize that a Holistic approach of addressing every aspect of my client’s lives – body, mind, and spirit – created a unique and powerful avenue for healing. I’ve personally witnessed hundreds of my clients achieve an overall better quality of living through Holistic Coaching Sessions. I have worked hard throughout the past several years to refine and polish these techniques, and am so excited to share everything I’ve learned with each of you, in this new Holistic Life Coach Training.


In a market that’s saturated with Online Training programs, I am thrilled to be able to offer the alternative of a hands-on, in-house training that offers the personal attention you deserve. I will personally guide you through 45 hours of onsite Training, here at Bloom. Our time will be packed with valuable and practical methods to help you establish a foundation in Holistic Coaching. In addition, I’ll be sharing many business and marketing tools to help you launch a successful Coaching career.


Whether you are a natural born helper/healer seeking to monetize your abilities in a new career path, or a working professional looking to enhance your existing healing practice - the Holistic Life Coach Certification may be exactly what you need to polish and refine your innate abilities. Participants will emerge from this empowering program with the confidence and wisdom to facilitate profound, meaningful, and lasting change.



If you have an innate ability to connect with people and are passionate about helping others achieve their highest level of holistic success, then you can make a powerful difference and enjoy a lucrative career as a Certified Holistic Life Coach!

The Bloom School of Holistic Life Coaching offers a highly unique certification program, with a focus on Coaching every aspect of a person’s life. Holistic Life Coaching offers a strong focus on improvement in the areas of physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual wellbeing; emphasizing empowerment and congruency in all four areas.


Through this training, you will learn Holistic coaching concepts drawing from ancient wisdom and philosophy as well as modern day coaching technique including:


• How to assist your client in uncovering their current belief systems, and how to create new and powerful thought patterns


• How to co-create an effective plan of action with your client, resulting in long term success


• How to implement the best practices, methods, and tools to help your clients achieve their goals in food and health, emotional and cognitive wellbeing, and spiritual advancement


• How to coach small groups, facilitate workshops, and host seminars in the area of Holistic Wellness


In addition you will learn how to build a successful Life Coaching business, including:


• How to attract the right clients to your Life Coaching practice


• How to brand your unique business and market with confidence and ease


• How to establish sustainable fees





• 45 hours of onsite training with Master Coach, Julie Wallace


• The Bloom School of Holistic Life Coaching Manual


• Materials and tools to launch a successful Life Coaching Practice


• Each participant will be required to coach a client pro bono through a 6 week, guided life coaching system. One session must be videotaped and submitted for review by Julie as part of certification requirements


• Trainees are must attend all required hours and complete all assignments in order to be certified. Missed sessions must be made up with Julie at the private rate of $150 per session. Only one excused absence is allowed throughout the duration of the training.

" I made the decision this year to expand my knowledge and finally go after something I have always wanted to do but never thought I could: Life Coaching. Let me tell you, if there is one thing I can say, or offer, if you are on the fence, scared, etc.: DO IT. 

I not only learned so much about how I can provide to others, but I have learned SO much about myself. It is SUCH a unique experience. Julie presents this training in such a tangible and meaningful way, you won’t want it to end. Honestly. The content is rich with information and love. You not only learn the tools, you experience them. The hands on experiences are priceless.The bond you make with your fellow trainees is just.. you can’t find the words. Almost like you found the family you always had. 

I am absolutely filled with gratitude and satisfaction that I completed this Training. It is life-changing and soul-awakening. I so hope you make the decision to embark on this journey. It will not disappoint "


I graduated from the Bloom Holistic Life Coaching Training in 2017. To say that it was life altering is an understatement. This is not just a training to become a Life Coach. This journey will enrich your life in ways you never thought possible. You will also learn all that there is to be a highly qualified Life Coach in a warm and supportive environment. If you are thinking about becoming a Coach and you want a heart centered approach, The Bloom program offers that and so much more.



The Northampton Training offers a blend of both on-site and online Training Sessions.


Our On-Site Training Sessions will meet at Everyday Mindfulness: 40 Center Street Northampton, MA

Our Online Sessions will be facilitated through Zoom - Online Video Conference. You'll be able to watch, interact, and ask questions during these Live Video Meetings. We'll give you complete instructions on how to access the Zoom  during our first Session.

The Full Calendar is as follows:

  • Saturday, March 16: On-Site Session at Everyday Mindfulness from 9am-4pm

  • Tuesday, March 26: Zoom Meeting 6:30pm-8pm

  • Tuesday, April 2: Zoom Meeting 6:30pm-8pm

  • Tuesday, April 9: Zoom Meeting 6:30pm-8pm

  • Saturday, April 20: On-Site Session at Everyday Mindfulness from 9am-4pm

  • Tuesday, April 23: Zoom Meeting 6:30pm-8pm

  • Tuesday, April 30: Zoom Meeting 6:30pm-8pm

  • Tuesday, May 7: Zoom Meeting 6:30pm-8pm

  • Friday, May 10: On-Site Session at Everyday Mindfulness from 9am-4pm

  • Tuesday, May 21: Zoom Meeting 6:30pm-8pm

  • Tuesday, May 28: Zoom Meeting 6:30pm-8pm

  • Tuesday, June 4: Zoom Meeting 6:30pm-8pm

  • Saturday, June 15: On-Site Session at Everyday Mindfulness from 9am-4pm



Module 1

• Ethics & Confidentiality

• Coaching versus Therapy

• The Holistic Approach to Life Coaching

• Qualities of a Holistic Life Coach

Module 2

• Client intake and confidentiality forms

• Holistic Philosophy / Client Evaluation

• Enneagram Intake

Module 3

• Thought Programming

• The Creation of Beliefs

• The Life Coaching Thought Model

Module 4

• Eastern Philosophy & Chakras

• 7 Universal Laws of Attraction

Module 5

• Establishing boundaries with your client

• Establishing trust with your client

• Establishing coachability and determining a willingness to change

• Outline of the Coach / Client relationship

• Co-creating a plan of action with your client

• How and when to discharge a client

Module 6

• Holistic Approach to Food & Health

Module 7

• Stream of Consciousness Writing

Module 8

• Guided Visualization

• Intro to Meditation

Module 9

• Common obstacles to Change: Overwhelm, Should Statements, “Awfulizing”, Compelling Reasons

Module 10

• Life Wheel

• Goal setting & Accountability

Module 11

• Outline / Review for 6 week Pro Bono Client Coaching

Module 12

• Group Coaching

• Niche Coaching

• Workshops

• Online Programs

Module 13

• Career Coaching Concepts

• Parent Coaching Concepts

• Relationship Coaching Concepts

• Spiritual Coaching Concepts

Module 14

• The Business of Life Coaching

Module 15

• Self Evaluation

• Coaching Evaluations

I was apprehensive to apply for the Holistic Life Coach Training. I was invited to be a part of the 2017 training and my response was, “I need to get my own life together before I can coach others”. This year, I was invited again and my apprehension hadn’t changed, but I knew that I needed to harness my intuitive energy that seemed to magnetized people to me. My expectations were that I was going to learn more about how use this gift to support others. 


After the very first weekend, I would have been content with the training because my soul was on fire. My head was full of concepts and ideas that I wanted to pour myself into. My heart was full of possibility for the potential transformative power to become an amazing coach to the one client that needs me the most. Me. I was not expecting that. Not even a little.

If you are holding back because you feel like you need a life coach yourself, just stop it. We all have a story and issues to work out. That’s what will make you amazing, relatable, and real. 

This training is powerful and YOU deserve this gift to yourself. Harness your own power and then share how you did it. Love and light to you!




What is a Holistic Life Coach?


In it’s most simplistic definition - a Holistic Life Coach is a Life Coach who takes a Holistic approach to healing, addressing all aspects of a client’s life (body, mind, and spirit). But we don’t think you’re here for the simple definition, so let’s break things down a little further….


First, we’ll start by defining the role of a Life Coach! Life Coaches are warm and empathetic individuals with a passion for helping others. They assist their clients to achieve their goals, overcome obstacles, and navigate through life’s many challenges.


Just as an athletic Coach would encourage and motivate an athlete, correct their mistakes, cheer them on in times of doubt, hold them accountable, challenge them to reach their highest potential, etc. – a Life Coach is someone who Coaches a person through life. Coaches provide their clients with the tools and insight to assist them in achieving their highest potential.  They work with their clients to define and set Goals, and provide accountability and support as their client works towards those goals. They assist their clients in uncovering their personal blocks and obstacles, and work with them to overcome challenges and rewire their thinking. They help their clients to shift their perspective, and find new approaches for solving problems. They use their intuition, instinct, and personal life experiences to tailor Coaching Sessions based on the unique needs of each individual.


But this Training isn’t just a Life Coach Training…. It’s a Holistic Life Coach Training. A Holistic Life Coach does everything mentioned above, but with a Holistic approach. Holistic Coaches believe that we are multi-faceted individuals, and that we must address all aspects of our being in order to create real and lasting changes. A Holistic Life Coach will address many different aspects of a client’s life in order to help them overcome challenges… this means addressing not only the mind, but also the body and the spirit. Holistic Coaches draw upon many different techniques to assist their clients – from traditional Coaching methods (such as goal setting and accountability), to holistic healing modalities (such as meditation and visualizing).



What makes this Training different from a typical Life Coach Training?


The Holistic Life Coach Program is a unique blend of traditional Life Coaching Techniques and ancient healing modalities. While Holistic Coaching borrows many techniques from traditional Life Coaching, such as goal setting, accountability, and client empowerment, it also uses a variety of other methods such as yogic philosophy, meditation, guided visualization, and much more. Your Lead Trainer, Julie, has been coaching with these methods for years and has found them to be profoundly effective.


In addition, the Holistic Life Coach Training places a great emphasis on the importance of coaching from your intuition. We believe that there is no exact science or “cookie cutter” approach to coaching. Humans are organic beings with highly unique and complex sets of belief systems, thought processes, goals, and obstacles. Therefore, in order for Coaching to be successful, we feel that it too needs to be organic. The Holistic Life Coach Training will encourage you to discover and foster the healer that lies within you; to follow your instinct and intuition in the Coaching process; and to add your own unique flair to your Coaching approach.


As you progress throughout the Training, you will discover that your first and most important coaching client is yourself. You will be challenged and encouraged to apply the Holistic Life Coaching techniques within your own lives, to release self-limiting beliefs, and to facilitate positive change – thus allowing you to coach from a place of authenticity.



What will I learn throughout this Training?


Throughout this Training you will learn the Holistic Life Coach Program in its entirety. This includes the entire process of Coaching - from the moment a client walks through your door until the day their Coaching process is complete. You’ll be given a tool box of practical Life Coaching techniques and will discover how to establish client trust; create clear channels for communication with your client; uncover and work through a client’s self-limiting beliefs; develop and use your intuition in the coaching process; help your client to establish clear goals (both short and long term); and learn effective techniques to hold them accountable for those goals. 


In addition to traditional Life Coaching techniques, you will be exposed to a variety of other healing modalities such as visualization, eastern philosophy (chakras, prana, nadis, etc), the Enneagram, meditation, and more. You will be encouraged to use your intuition and unique set of gifts in order to assist your clients. You will be taught to see your client as a holistic being – body, mind, and spirit – and discover how to address the needs of each.


Finally, you will learn the business of Coaching including branding, marketing, how to attract clients, what to charge, etc. You’ll learn a variety of Coaching approaches such as one on one Coaching, Group Coaching, Online Coaching, and more. You’ll spend a significant time practice coaching throughout the Training, allowing you to put your knowledge to work and gain real-world experience.


This is a comprehensive and detailed Program that will leave you feeling confident, inspired, and ready to facilitate change for yourself and others!



Is this Training Accredited?


When Julie developed this program she debated for some time whether or not to get it accredited. At the end, she decided to move forward in launching the program without accreditation. This is because Holistic Life Coaching is a very unique form of healing that differs in many ways from traditional Life Coaching methods. She felt it was a better choice to forge her own path in the Coaching world, versus attempting to mold her program to fit within existing standards. That being said, the Holistic Life Coach Training Program meets all of the recognized standards of accreditation, and in fact, exceeds them in many ways! 


Additionally, accreditation is generally not necessary in the Coaching world as it is likely that you will be Coaching independently. Coaches generally establish their own business and Coaching practice, rather than seeking employment through an existing organization. While accreditation might be a nice addition to your biography, you will find it is unnecessary in building a successful Coaching practice. What matters most is that you are a talented and well-trained Coach who helps your clients to achieve results... this is something that the Holistic Life Coach Program can most definitely help you to achieve!



I'm interested in the Training but I'm not sure that I really want to become a Life Coach. Can I still participate?


​Absolutely! We've had many people participate in the Training as a way to enrich their personal lives, grow on an emotional and spiritual level, enhance their intuition, and apply the Holistic Life Coach techniques to their own lives. The Training is a wonderful journey - even for those who have no desire to Coach.




Will there be a lot of homework?


The Training consists of both contact and non-contact hours. This means that you’ll have a small amount of homework to complete during your time off each month. This will usually consist of a reading assignment, with an occasional exercise to practice at home such as meditation, practice coaching, etc. We have put a lot of thought and care into your reading assignments, and can ensure that all of the required reading is both fascinating and educational (and probably won’t feel like homework at all)! Any other assignments in addition to your reading will be both manageable and enjoyable, and we’ll provide you with plenty of notice and support.​



I see that I’ll also have to Coach a Client “Pro-Bono” throughout the Training. What exactly
does this mean?


One of the most essential parts of becoming a Holistic Life Coach is practice. It’s important to actually apply the techniques you learn throughout the Training in a real world setting in order to become proficient in them. Therefore, each of our Trainees will be required to Coach their very own Client throughout the Training, pro-bono (pro-bono is just a fancy word that means you’ll be Coaching for free, and will not be charging your client any money). We know this might sound a little intimidating (Ummm. I just started Training. How do you expect me to Coach someone already?!)… but don’t be scared! This process is essentially “Coaching on Training Wheels” and we’ll provide you with every bit of information and support to guide you through it. Plus, you get to choose the “client” – which means it can be your best friend, Mom, Husband, neighbor, Sister, you name it! You’ll be provided with a “Beginner” Coaching outline, and will be told exactly what to do during your Sessions. The Coaching techniques you’ll use will be simple (nothing too deep or complex) and will include helping your “client” outline their goals, helping them design a path to achieving those goals, and holding them accountable throughout the process. It’s simply a way to get your feet wet, and to “rip the bandaid off” when it comes to Coaching. Trust us, there’s no better way to learn how to coach than to COACH (and again, we’ll be supporting you the entire way!).



Is Life Coaching a profitable industry?


Life Coaching is an effective healing modality that has the potential to be highly lucrative. Whether or not a Life Coaching practice is profitable, will depend greatly upon the individual Coach – including their natural talent and effectiveness as a coach; the number of clients they’re willing to see; their level of motivation and work ethic; their business sense and marketing plan; etc. Throughout the Holistic Life Coach Training you will learn the entire business side of Coaching including marketing, branding, what to charge, how to attract clients, etc. You will be encouraged to discover your own unique niche within the world of Coaching, and will be taught a variety of approaches to Coaching such as One-on-One Coaching, Group Coaching, Specialty Workshops, Online Programs, and more. In other words, you’ll be given all of the tools you need to succeed as a Life Coach… the rest will be up to you! 



Will I have to take a written test in order to Graduate?


We do not require our Trainees to take a written test in order to graduate. However, we do require a Practical Exam instead. We will ask that your final Coaching Session with your pro-bono Client be video taped (see above for details on what a “pro-bono client” is). The recorded Session will later be observed and evaluated by Julie, as your Final Exam. This Final Coaching Session will take place at the very end of the Training and we promise that by that time you’ll have all the tools and knowledge to complete it successfully!



I feel drawn to Life Coaching, but I’m just not sure if I’ll make a good Coach. How do I know that I’m ready for this Training?


If you feel drawn to a profession in Holistic Life Coaching, then there’s a pretty good chance you’ve already been coaching people for many years without even knowing it! Are you a great listener? Are you caring and compassionate? Do you consider yourself a helper? Are you the person that your friends and loved ones seek out when they need advice? Do you find that people tend to open up to you easily? Yep, we thought so! As we mentioned earlier, Coaching is a very intuitive and natural process. We just provide tools, practice, support, and training to help you refine and shape those innate abilities.


A “good” Coach is one who can recognize people’s untapped potential; who enjoys listening and giving heartfelt advice; and who feels a strong passion and desire to help others achieve their greatest wellbeing. If this sounds like something you can handle - and if you are ready to learn, practice, and work hard to refine your abilities - then you have your answer! You are ready, and you will make a wonderful Coach.



Total cost of the training is $1895 plus CT Sales Tax. 
(see below for Early Bird Discounts and Payment Plan) 

This fee includes the Holistic Life Coach Training manual and any additional hand-outs and Training materials.

Save $195 off the cost of the Training if you pay in full by February 1, 2018

OPTIONAL PAYMENT PLAN (Deposit + 4 Payments):

An initial non-refundable deposit of $395 due with application and 4 equal installments of $375 due on the first of the month from March 1 - June 1. All payment plan participants must keep a credit card on file at Bloom and monthly payments will be withdrawn from the card on file.


$395 deposit is not refundable. No refunds will be issued unless written notice is received from the applicant by March 1. No refunds or credits are available after March 1. Please understand our cancellation policy is firm and we will not make exceptions.



Step 1: Fill out the Application.

Step 2: Submit your application.

Applications can be submitted via email to info@bloomyogafitness.com,or via snail mail to Bloom Yoga - 92 N. Summit St. Southington, CT 06489. You can also drop your Application off at Bloom during any of our regular business hours!

Step 3: Make your deposit

We require a deposit of $395 to hold your spot. To pay your deposit you can either call the Studio with Credit Card information at 860 620 4530, stop by the Studio to pay in person (we accept cash, checks, and all major Credit Cards.) or mail a check to Bloom Yoga - 92 N Summit St. Southington, CT 06489, along with your Application. Please note, if you are paying via check, your spot will not be secured until the check has been cleared. 

" I highly recommend the Holistic Life Coaching training at Bloom. So many valuable tools to not only help others but for yourself and all the ladies I met there have become lifelong supportive friends. Julie Wallace has put together a top-notch program! "