Awareness is the very first step to creating change. How can we change something if we are blind to it? Self-introspection is the gateway to creating powerful and meaningful shifts in our perception. Through my coaching programs and trainings, I will help you turn your focus inward so you can put yourself back in control of your own destiny and out of the role of victim of your circumstances. Introspection will allow you to see yourself and your life experiences through a brand-new lens-the empowering lens of ownership.


It’s not uncommon to keep our thoughts focused on what we don’t want rather than what we do want. Our challenges, blocks and disappointments in life will continue to grow if our energy is continually directed towards them. The most powerful way to ensure you’re putting your energy where it really counts-on your hopes, dreams and desires, is to be crystal clear about your intention.  I will help you to set a specific intention for each step you take on the pathway to your higher self. Stop living the life you've grown to expect and start living the life you really want.


The experiences you desire are right within your reach once you learn the power of manifestation. The truth is, we are always manifesting whether we realize it or not. Once you have taken ownership of your own thoughts, feelings and actions and have set a clear and specific intention for what you want, you will begin to manifest your desired results in life. There’s no hocus pocus here. Manifestation is real and you have everything you need right inside of you to turn your hopes and dreams into reality.  I will help you create a road map to your most desired destination-your very best self. 



We offer a variety of Holistic courses and series each month, all designed to help you live a happier, healthier, and more vibrant life. Both online and onsite options are available.



A powerful and comprehensive training program. Become a certified Holistic Life Coach and launch your very own Coaching practice.


Work one-on-one with Julie. Each Session is tailored for your unique needs. Phone, Skype, or onsite options available. 


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