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How to Forgive—

An online workshop based on the ancient teachings of 

Ho 'Oponopono 💕 


Please join Julie Wallace, for this very special online workshop on the teachings of Ho’Oponopono; an ancient Hawaiian Mantra intended to free us from suffering through the art of forgiveness.

Throughout this workshop, Julie will teach you how erred perception has led to limitations in relationships, health, finances and career - oftentimes resulting in anger, resentment, and misplaced blame. Julie will show how memories stored in the subconscious mind dictate every aspect of our lives. She will guide participants through the practice of Ho’Oponopono in order to align your human self with your Higher Self.

Participants will learn:

How to uncover your innermost destructive beliefs

How your inner world is mirrored in your outer world

How to release the negative memories that are no longer serving you

How unconscious patterns in your mind and body are affecting your life

How to use the Ho ‘Oponopono Mantra to set yourself free from suffering

This simple but powerful technique will have a profound effect on the way you view your life circumstances, paving the way to complete freedom from your past, and creating space for new and positive experiences in your future.

Bonus content includes How to Release Video and supporting worksheet.


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