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I’ve come to learn that the only sure way to create a focused,

balanced and fulfilling life is to first recognize all aspects of our

being as a whole—body, mind, emotion, and spirit. Once this connection has been acknowledged and understood, we can begin to create lasting healing from the inside out, take ownership of our obstacles, and forge the path towards a happy and harmonious life.


Big changes don’t happen by magic—they happen once we shine the light of awareness onto our struggles, take ownership of them, and start to live with intention. You don’t have to live your life by default. With a little help from me, you can take charge of your circumstances rather than being a victim of them. 


Through private life coaching sessions, workshops, and online groups and classes, I’ll walk alongside you and support you on the path of transformational life change. My goal is to guide you in new ways of thinking and approaching your challenges and become your advocate when you may not feel strong or confident enough to go it alone. I promise to provide perspective and insight on how your daily thoughts, feelings and actions are contributing to your current circumstances during the moments you need it most. I’ll teach you tools and techniques that will leave you feeling empowered and inspired.  


If you’re feeling unfulfilled or stuck, if you lack direction or purpose, if you’re seeking change and transformation, or if you're living your life with a sense of complacency—my holistic life coaching program may be exactly what you need as the catalyst for the change you’ve been seeking. 


I can help you to:


  • Uncover the thoughts and habits buried deep within your subconscious that are currently interfering with your happiness

  • Create new thought patterns that will serve you in cultivating joy, rather than contributing to your suffering

  • Recognize your own ability to create a new path while addressing obstacles along the way

  • See the solution for your problems with more clarity so you may direct your energy into actively creating change


  • Feel empowered with powerful tools to unmasking your full potential


I started seeing Julie for life coaching at one of the darkest times of my life. After a recent life change, my depression and self medication took away who I truly was. The best decision I made was to seek guidance from her holistic life coaching program. Working with Julie put everything back into perspective for me. I have realized that I hold the key to creating the life I want and I am now proudly back on track to my successful future"

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