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An online, self paced series

Learn to parent, teach, or coach in a profoundly loving and effective way.

Parents are rarely educated on how children learn or why they behave the way they do. When things are going smoothly, they feel confident and empowered. But even a small bump in the parenting road can leave them feeling unprepared, unequipped, and inadequate, which leads to unnecessary exhaustion and exacerbation. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. A little education goes a long way in the ever-evolving world of parenting. This course will guide you in cultivating healthier and happier relationships with your children so you may enjoy a more harmonious parenting journey.

It’s not about fixing, it’s about understanding.

Conscious Parenting will:

  • Increase your holistic knowledge on childhood development

  • Enhance your existing coaching/teaching practice

  • Empower you and / or your clients as parents 


Join master coach Julie Wallace, seasoned life coach and parent of four amazing children, for this transformational experience. Julie has dedicated the last ten years to studying the developing brain—how our childhood memories serve as future triggers, the development of our emotions and how to better manage them, and so much more. She designed Conscious Parenting to guide parents, educators, coaches, and caregivers toward a more conscientious, loving, and holistic approach to parenting and empowering the next generation. 

When we can look beyond the behavior and truly see the child,
we parent more consciously.

Who this course is for:


  • Parents who are seeking a more empowered path in parenting

  • Life Coaches, Teachers, Caretakers, and Healers looking to enhance their current practice

Topics include:


  • The developing brain—ages birth to 18

  • How neural pathways are developed and why it’s important

  • ​​Conscious communication and discipline with empathy

  • How to teach resilience in young children

  • The energy of emotions in the developing child

  • The damaging, long-term effects of shame

  • Parenting with love vs. fear

  • How to create boundaries while instilling self worth and respect

  • Fostering authentic relationships

  • Breaking ancestral patterns and programs

  • Soul relationships and karma

  • The teen years—how to apply the relationship preservation approach to ensure a healthy adult relationship with your child

How the online platform works:


Conscious Parenting is held online so you can take part in the program from anywhere. This course offers the flexibility work at your own pace. 

What the training includes:

  • 10 hours of online instruction with master coach, Julie Wallace 

  • A downloadable pdf of the Bloom Conscious Parenting Workbook

  • Supporting worksheets to help reinforce the course content

Program cost:



Payment plan: Two installments of $45 via automatic credit card deduction. Second payment will be automatically deducted from the card on file within 30 days from the date of your first installment.

Professional Licensing Package is available for Coaches & Educators interested in facilitating this course. Email Julie for details! 

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