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Pivate Coaching


Throughout my 10 years of life coaching, I’ve discovered the biggest reason people have difficulty with changing a pattern, belief, or habit is because they have no idea how to change. Most of us are stuck in a lifetime of unconscious patterns and programs with absolutely no idea how to escape them. The very good news is, once you’ve been empowered with the right tools—self understanding, self acceptance, and self forgiveness— profound and lasting changes can be enjoyed. Release & Renew is a 6 week transformative coaching program that was born from years of self study (I’m my own guinea pig). This program is infused with the wisdom of modern psychology, ancient philosophy, and the teachings of the greatest spiritual leaders of all time. The end product is a life changing coaching program that I’ve been teaching to my clients for over a decade, and let me tell you, the results I’ve witnessed have been nothing short of miraculous. Join me on this journey and together, we will uncover your unconscious programs and illusory limitations so you may become the master of your life experiences. Trust me when I tell you, you can change. My coaching system can help you, no matter what challenges you may be facing. 

The perfect way to begin your coaching journey. Release & Renew is a powerful one-on-one series that will bring more peace, love, and clarity to your life!


"Your own self realization is the greatest service
you can render the world" ~ Ramana Maharshi



• I offer a true holistic approach with a well-rounded focus on your mind, body, emotions, and spirit

• I have a knack for helping my clients get straight to the heart of their issues so that they can heal them at their roots and create lasting change

• I provide powerful tools, techniques, and resources that will teach you to coach yourself--giving you the freedom and confidence to continue your healing journey well beyond our 6 weeks together

• I teach a variety of spiritual principles and philosophies--such as karma, soul families, and past lives--giving a greater sense of clarity, understanding, and peace around your life circumstances

• My coaching style is compassionate, straightforward, and clear--it is my mission to help you find greater clarity and peace in your life.

My sessions are heartfelt, personal, educational, and deeply transformative. No matter the issues you are facing, I can promise that you will experience profound and lasting change throughout our time together.



Before we meet

I will schedule your first session and email you a holistic intake form. All you’ll need to do is return the intake form before our first session and then sit back and get excited for your transformative experience. You will have the option to pay for your six sessions in full or choose a payment plan where your fee will be split over two monthly payments.


Session 1

During your first session, we will review your holistic profile and begin excavating your childhood programming. We will discuss the four main aspects of your human experience; body, mind, emotions, and spirit. I will help to clarify any of your blocks or challenges and guide you toward a path of self understanding and self acceptance. We’ll begin to uncover any limiting beliefs that may be lurking in your subconscious mind and you will learn the profound effect your childhood experiences may still be having on you. In preparation for our next session, you will take the Enneagram personality test so we can see an even clearer picture of why you may not be experiencing optimal results in life.

Session 2

In this session, we’ll review your Enneagram results and begin to connect the dots between what you learned in childhood and how your unique personality was created. You’ll learn how to elevate your personality traits so that they’re working for you instead of against you.  I’ll also teach you the truth behind the law of attraction and how to master your thoughts and more importantly, your reactions to your circumstances. 

Session 3

In our third session, I’ll teach you all about the energy of emotions and how emotions can affect us physically. You’ll learn to recognize where your emotions land in your body and how to truly listen to what they’ve been trying to say. I will also guide you through the release of negative emotions, as well as how to elevate your emotions by better managing your thoughts.


Session 4

In session 4 we’ll review the anatomy of stress and I’ll teach you how to better manage stress in your life. You will discover the true culprits of stress (it’s not what you think). This one session has the ability to change your interpretation of your life circumstances and reprogram the way you think so you may create a life of peace, joy and fulfillment. 


Session 5

In our fifth session, we will discuss the three precious gems; surrender, non attachment, and forgiveness. This content has had the most profound effect on my own life—when I say it’s life changing, it comes directly from my heart. Nothing has the power to transform your life more than these three precious gems. 

Session 6

In our final session we will discuss karma & soul families. This session will help to bring deeper meaning and acceptance of your life experiences. My own life journey has been greatly enhanced with this knowledge and I’m confident that you will discover the truth behind your life purpose. 


  • By Phone

  • Via Zoom



Total cost for all six sessions is $540.
Payment plan available! 

"Julie's program absolutely changed how I operate within my business and most of all within my life.Julie's sessions will elevate you, expand and reframe your mindset and dissolve beliefs you never realized existed...the ones that have been holding you back and limiting your inner joy."

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