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An online classroom for personal growth and transformation



Bloom Together is a safe and supportive space to help people get unstuck from worn out ways of thinking and living. Learning to manage our minds and emotions is by far the most important skill we can acquire to stop reacting to life's circumstances and start living a life with intention. Most of us spend far too much time consumed by stress, being robbed of the life we deserve—a life filled with peace, love, and joy. A lifetime of worn-out narratives, conditioning and programming has resulted in a society filled with fear and limits—and life simply doesn’t have to feel so difficult!


Julie has devoted the last 10+ years to studying master teachers, spiritual leaders, and philosophers, and has a wealth of information to share. With her knack for taking complicated concepts and breaking them down into manageable, practical steps, she provides transformative knowledge and tools to help you find a more joyful and fulfilled life. 

         Membership is just $24 per month!



Most of us are sitting on the sidelines of life longing for our circumstances to change so we can feel happy, loved, and more peaceful. The truth is that circumstances (good and bad) will come and go like an eternal game of whack-a-mole. Learning how to manage the thoughts and emotions we have about our circumstances is the only way feeling better can truly happen. We let our circumstances influence our feelings because deep down we feel broken, unworthy, unlovable and less than. It may not appear this way at first, but if you look more closely, you’ll find these limiting thoughts lurking.


We can’t be affected by a circumstance unless it triggers a belief or feeling that we have
about ourselves. 




Partner continually leaves the dishes in the sink even though you’ve asked them a million times to put them in the dishwasher = They don’t care about me because clearly I’m not worth the effort.


THE BELIEF: I’m not worthy

Son/daughter failing in algebra = I did a bad job parenting and if they fail, they won’t get into a good college, and everyone will see how inadequate I am. 


THE BELIEF: I’m not good enough

Low figure in the bank account = I’m losing at life because people measure each other by how much money they have. 


THE BELIEF: I have no real value

The truth is, dishes, algebra and money are not the real problem, your personal interpretation of them is. Our conditioning from the generations who came before us coupled with current societal pressures have imposed standards and expectations that have stolen our capacity to experience what we are all seeking— peace, love and joy. We humans have been living in this limiting state for far too long and it’s causing us tremendous stress at the cost of our physical and emotional health. The only way out is to override the faulty and limited programming with new and empowering knowledge so we can all live a life free from suffering. Bloom Together will give you the tools you need to change your mindset about your circumstances so you can get untangled from undesired emotions and reactions. 



$24 Per Month

MONTHLY INVESTMENT: $24 per month with auto credit card deduction. This amount will bill automatically, unless you choose to cancel. 

Cost will be automatically deducted from the credit card on file every 30 days, until you choose to cancel your subscription.To cancel - please email Julie with written notice at at least 10 days prior to your billing date.


We will meet via Zoom Meeting two Monday’s per month from 6:30-7:30pm (EST). All meetings will be recorded and available for immediate playback. Bonus content will be added weekly including discussions blog, mini Facebook Live sessions exclusively for members, and “Beyond the Book” book club discussion (offered every three months).





  • Biweekly Zoom classes with lecture and discussion (archived for playback)

  • Goal-setting and accountability exercises

  • Private community page for extra support

  • Weekly bonus content to keep you motivated and inspired

  • Bonus “Beyond the Book” book club and discussions 




  • Master your thoughts and emotions

  • Cultivate more peace, love, and joy in your life 

  • Know your divine truth and limitless potential

  • Release limiting narratives that are holding you back

  • Take action to bring your goals to fruition

  • Uncover the reason for limiting thought patterns, behavior patterns, and habits

  • Feel less stressed and more present and mindful 

  • Create vibrant health through conscious eating and enjoyable movement 

  • Heal and strengthen your relationships

  • Be a more conscious parent, partner, and friend

  • Recognize your authentic life purpose and live it to the fullest

BLOOM TOGETHER: Your membership includes an archived library of over 20 classes—more classes are added each month! 

Bloom Together is an ongoing subscription, and you can join in at any time!


Upon enrolling, you'll receive access to all past and future meetings, as well as all bonus content - including our weekly discussions blog, mini Facebook Live sessions exclusively for members, and “Beyond the Book” book club discussion (offered every three months).


Unable to join the Zoom meetings live? That's no problem! Meetings are recorded and will be added to the archive for you to watch at your own convenience.

JOIN AT ANY TIME! All meetings are recorded. You will receive access to all past recordings as well as all future meetings upon enrolling.

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