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Each 60 Minute Session can be held either in person at my office, over the phone, or via Zoom Meeting; you choose the format that best fits your lifestyle and comfort level. My Life Coaching sessions are highly personal and each meeting is catered around helping you

feel more empowered and in control of your circumstances. 

​Your private session will include discussion of past and current experiences, examination of thought and behavior patterns and habits, as well as powerful tools to help you move forward. Once a clear course of action has been determined, you will be given specific goals which you will be held accountable for. All goals are co-created between the two of us so you always feel empowered and in control of your path. I follow a strict confidentiality policy and promise to create an arena of total trust and non judgment. Most clients require between 6-12 sessions depending on their unique goals. You are always free to choose if Life Coaching is a good fit for you. 

I want you to know that my process works. My clients have been able to transform their thoughts, feelings and behaviors and are now living a more joyful and fulfilled existence. Whatever rough patch it is you are going through, I can help. 



My clients come to me from all walks of life, and for a wide array of reasons. Some common reasons for
working privately with me might include:

  • A major life transition such as divorce, career change or midlife

  • A feeling of being unfulfilled or stagnated in your current life circumstances

  • An inability to move on from a negative past experience

  • A desire to improve your physical, emotional or mental health 

  • A desire to deepen your spiritual practice


If you are tired of feeling stuck and powerless and you are seeking a catalyst for growth, I can help you.


  • Over the Phone

  • Through Zoom Meeting (a free, video calling app)

  • In person at my Office - 92 N Summit Street Southington, CT 06489



My sessions are affordable at $85 each. You are worth the investment. 

"Julie's program absolutely changed how I operate within my business and most of all within my life.Julie's sessions will elevate you, expand and reframe your mindset and dissolve beliefs you never realized existed...the ones that have been holding you back and limiting your inner joy."